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Testimonials From SusProg3D Users

Good Morning,
I used the software to redesign an existing rally raid type car and it worked out very well. We have found a big improvement in camber curve and bumpsteer. Thank you. Kind regards, A B

Posted by Anonymous on 01-01-2004 12:00 AM I use SusProg3D. You can download a free demo copy from The demo will allow you to move around some pick up points, but others are fixed. The SusProg3D help files contain GREAT amounts of technical information

04/01/04 Mr. Young thank you for your wonderful program. It has been invaluable to me as a training aid (for myself!). I will definitely buy this when I build my dream car! I had to reload it as I have lost it in refreshing my computer. T Davidson BC, Canada.

10/01/04 I've downloaded the trial version, Claude Rouelle turned us on to the program. We're exited to give it a try. Steve H NC 27311

03/06/04 Please advise me of any further developments, many thanks for a great job done Phil

May 16, 2004 During Claude Rouelle's suspension seminar, he mentioned that his company tested various suspension design software, and compared them all to ADAMS. In their study, SusProg3D came out on top, so you might want to look into that. Gunman (Automotive

Friday 9th July 2004 Hi Beven, I tried the demo and think its very good and has great reviews CW Canada

14th July 2004 Hello! I've tired the free demo, and I think that it was great. I would like to register for the same. I would be for educational purposes. Is there any special pricing on that? CP India

5th August 2004 Ordering SusProg3D full version Could you please send me all the relevant details with the software and the installation procedure. I have been running the unregistered version and find it a very good programme. Could you please confirm the total amount. Thanks Michael

Dear mister Young we are happy to announce you that your susprog software has participle in the calculations of the suspensions of my vehicle of competition This year we are first one in the championship of France of autocross 2 driving wheels, the first one in the championship of France of rally-cross 4 driving wheels second in the championship of France for 2 years in auto-cross 4 driving wheels second in the championship of France fo 2 years in Rally any ground 4 driving wheels. And for all his(her,its) championships I thank you sports Greetings for it Gabriel MONTAGNER societe MG RACING

Beven Thanks for your persistence with the card company. Additionally you should be aware that Claude Rouelle recommended this product to the recent Seminar on Vehicle Dynamics he present here in Indianapolis. How it's as good as he said. Best Regards KL USA Vice President, Engineering

29 May 2007 Hello Beven, Received the CD today, and I am very very impressed with your backup and service, so a big thank you. Cheers A.N (NZ)

22/02/08 Beven Actually I had an older version of the SusProg3D. It was great and we constructed and ran 2 formula cars with it. Sadly the laptop it was on was dropped and is no longer functional. Any chance of a renewl or upgrade option over buying it completely new? Rob

09/02/08 Bob/Beven, I have your program SusProg3D, and the version is 476 build 551.1, Do i need to download a update or patch from your web sight for the best version of it? Thank You for keeping me informed , i love your program. TTYL Joe Trapani Same address

08/11/09 23:39:18 -
Susprog has served our race team well over the year. The software support is second to none with quick, patient, useful support. I would recommend the program to anyone looking to design any sort of suspension for racing or other application.

I've used Susprog3D for years for road race applications. *It really helped me and has more capability than I will ever use. *You can easily model almost any suspension design, but you will need coordinates to enter in. Good Luck Los Gatos, CA

8/08/2013 Beven,
I just sat with the local kids from the University of North Florida FSAE team advising them on their new car design and showed them your software. It was an instant hit as they liked it much better than the Optimum and also Mitchell.
I read on your site that you have discounts available to FSAE teams and I told them I’d contact you for the particulars on getting their own seats. They were astonished at how easy it was to use to create the front suspension information and then how to change it to run subsequent calcs and reports. RO - USA

April 15, 2014
Years ago I purchased your SUS3D and built our sports sedan based on the data retrieved from program. We have broken our class record by 5.5 seconds. Still improving JB - Aus

11/11/2017 Susprog3D continues to impress! (I had to look up what a Ford Twin I-Beam is). - RD


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