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Yes,  we even get Testimonials along with our email ........

From :  Ray ,
             Federal Way,   WA, USA

Hello Ian,
I just wanted to let you know that your MOTA v4.44 2-stroke engine software is great. I have been using
it to study expansion chamber design for 2-stroke engines.  I have read many books and SAE papers on
this subject but MOTA has helped my understanding tremendously.  By changing a expansion chamber
parameter and then running a simulation I have gotten a better feel for how the pipe design changes the
torque and power curves.
Thanks,  Ray.

From :  Ray,
            Federal Way,  WA ,   USA

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your new version of MOTA.  I just got around to installing
and trying out your new version 5.00.  It is a big improvement   over version 4.44 which I purchased last
December.  The new user interface is much easier and quicker to use.  I also liked the one input file
format which allows me to store all the data in one file.

I also noticed that the performance curves were much closer to dyno curves that I saved from several
magazines.  These torque and power curves are much better behaved compared to the version 4.44
Thanks again.

From: Canada

To Ian,
Thank you for your first MOTA newsletter.  I have recently used your software to optimise the tuning of a Comer K80 for one of our junior drivers, some people believe the motor is illegal, it offers comparable performance to motors prepared by one of
the top tuners in the NW USA.

Your software has allowed me to test some ideas and to get a real understanding where to make changes.
Last week I was asked to compare a KSI direct drive pipe vs. the IAME pipe on a Yamaha in order to give the driver an idea of what characteristics to look for when he was comparing their performance on the circuit. He found the information very

I now have people asking me to tune their motors, much to the worry of my fellow tuners.

From : Pierre,  Canada

Hello Ian,
I ordered your MOTA a couple of months ago (and I still don't speak English very well ).   I played with it many hours,
probably 200 and more.  And to be honest, it's amazing !!

I input the data of my stock snowmobile engine ( 600cc 3 cyl ) and I got 39.7 hp at 8,500 rpm ( x3 = 119.1 hp ).  My engine
is rated at 120 - 122 hp at 8500 rpm !!  VERY CLOSE.


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