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 Larry O`Toole

Books by Larry O`Toole

Australia’s Hot Rod Heritage
A pictorial history of Australias early hot rodding days from the albums of rodders who were part of the scene. Chapters cover the Early Hot Rods on the Street and in the Shows, Early Drag Racing, and Australias Custom Cars

Australia's Hot Rod Pioneers
has been produced to ensure their pioneering days are recorded for all generations of hot rodders to enjoy.

Chopping Tops : Practical Hot Rodder's Guide
It is an invaluable guide to the street rodder looking for that long, low look.

Classic Hot Rod Style
a pictorial gathering of dozens more examples of the breed let you see where hot rodding is headed in the future. All have been selected for their contribution to that certain something that sets them apart from the pack, its that Classic Hot Rod Style that every hot rodder loves.

Engineering Street Rods
Hands-on hot rodder Larry O’Toole provides you with a complete understanding of the engineering fundamentals involved in building a safe and reliable street rod.

The Essential Holden V8 Engine Manual
The most comprehensive book on the subject ever released to the motoring public. Everything you want to know about the Holden V8 is contained in this book From how to identify parts through to completely rebuilding an entire engine. Want to build a stroker Holden? That's fully covered as well.

The Good Old Aussie Ute
The Good Old Aussie Ute is a must-have for any Aussie ute fan or anyone with an interest in unique vehicles of any kind.

The History Of Australian Street Rodding
Coinciding with 25 years of their publication

How To Build Your Own Custom Street Car
what this book is about, planning and building your own street machine from start to finish. Most of what is contained in these pages will be particularly relevant to the first time car builder but equally the seasoned enthusiast will probably find much to interest him as well

Nostalgia Street Rods
Here author Larry O'Toole has gathered together nostalgia rods from all over the world and packaged them together in this stunning, full-colour collection of some of the best examples to be found

Radical Hot Rods
The most outrageous hot rods is the world are featured in Radical Hot Rods All the colour and spectacle of the top end hot rodding comes together is this full colour book.

Styling Street Rods Styling ideas for street rod enthusiasts, from the author of Colourful World of Street Rods, comes a host of styling ideas for the street rod:

 Larry OToole.

Author Larry OToole has been the publisher and editor of Australian Street Rodding Magazine since it began in 1977, a position unique in the world of street rodding anywhere in the world. He is also the author of several best selling books on hot rodding including Nostalgia Street Rods, Colorful World of Street Rods, Street Rods in Color, Street Rodding Gallery The Good Old Aussie Ute, Engineering Street Rods and Styling Street Rods.