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Simon McBeath

Books by Simon McBeath

Competition Car Aerodynamics (BK/CD)A Practical Handbook
covers all aspects of aerodynamics, including both downforce and drag. This complex subject is explained in down-to-earth terms, with the aid of numerous illustrations, including colour CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) diagrams to demonstrate how aerodynamic devices work.

Competition Car Composites A Practical Guide
It is a valuable source of reference for competition drivers, amateur designers and constructors, as well as those who make, modify or repair components, both for competition cars and road vehicles

Competition Car Data Logging A Practical Handbook H653
This book will appeal to anyone wanting to learn about, or improve, their use of data logging.

Competition Car Preparation : A Practical Guide to
Information necessary to put you in pole position!

Simon McBeath

Simon McBeath is a freelance writer who produces regular technical articles for motorsport magazines such as RACECAR ENGINEERING, and others. He is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers. He has also written on a variety of other topics, including travel and meteorology.
He also writes technical motorsport books for Haynes Publishing. Three titles are currently available
Simon McBeath is also the principal of SM-Designs and The Wing Shop, providing wing design and aerodynamics advisory services.

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