world's leading 2-stroke engine simulation software now runs
          on your Windows PC. MOTA for Windows
The new MOTA V8.00 for Windows
The world's leading 2-stroke engine simulation software now runs on your Windows PC.
MOTA for Windows
Millions Of Tuning Variations Possible
Design Exhausts That Work Design Engine Porting
Full Cycle Simulation Display HP  & Torque Curves
Accepts 3.5cc To 500cc Engines Runs 500 to 30000 RPM


Following is a description of what is in the new MOTA package, as well as an important question from us in regards your computer's suitability to successfully run MOTA.  

The latest development of the original MOTA has branched into 2 different software products, MOTA v8.0 and MOTA-7.  Both of these are supplied in the latest release.  MOTA v8.0 contains everything that was in the previous MOTA versions with the addition of an Expansion Chamber Optimiser and Piston Ports Optimiser.  It can still be run as a 2-stroke engine simulator only, just as it did in all the earlier MOTA versions.   

MOTA v8.0 has an added optimisation simulation feature that designs optimal exhaust systems and piston ports that give maximum power or torque over specified speed ranges of 2-stroke engines. Unlike many software products, which use empirical equations to size exhaust systems, MOTA v8.0 uses the same 2-stroke engine simulation package as in the previous versions of MOTA to evaluate each exhaust system and ports configuration. It searches systematically through a large number of configurations and chooses that set of dimensions that best matches the user's criteria. For example, a user can ask for the design that maximises power at a particular speed or speed range for a given engine. MOTA v8.0 varies the user selected pipe and port dimensions systematically until it comes up with a set of dimensions that appear to give the most power at the nominated speed or speed range. These dimensions will be referred to as optimal. Various combinations of port and pipe dimensions can be selected for the optimisations.

MOTA-7 is a 2-dimensional simulation model, the exact same program we have been supplying as a trial with the later MOTA v6.3 programs. It is a 2-stroke engine simulator only, based on the MOTA simulator, but with a 2-dimensional scavenging model. The only change for this release is to a PDF format User Manual.

The MOTA-7 2-dimensional model of cylinder flow is achieved by "squashing" the cylinder about a plane running through the centre of the exhaust port and the axis of the cylinder, and assuming scavenge port symmetry each side of this plane. The resulting cylinder section is then divided into a large number of cells (limits are 99 points diametrically and 99 points axially from BDC to TDC), and the thermodynamic conservation equations are applied at each point for each time step. Clearly, this represents several orders of magnitude increase in computational effort over the original "pipe only" equations in the MOTA simulator.

Now here is the hard part , determining if your computer will run MOTA v8.0

MOTA v8.0 requires a CPU which supports the AVX or AVX2 instruction set extensions.  MOTA uses these extensions in order to execute its code quickly.  Most Intel CPU model numbers i3, i5, i7 and i9 manufactured after 2013 do support these extensions, whereas many Intel processors manufactured before 2013 do not.  Even current Pentium and Celeron processors do not support these extensions.  Only a few relatively recent AMD Ryzen processors will support the instruction set extensions.

You need your processor model number before you can determine what instruction sets it supports.  To find the model number of your processor, press the windows symbol key, generally located at the bottom left of your keyboard.  Depending on your windows version, the resultant screen will show a "settings" or "control panel" button.  Press whichever button you can find and select the "system" option.  You may have to scroll down and select the "About" option, or the information regarding the processor model number might be on the screen if "control panel" was selected.  Note the processor model number.

The simplest method of determining if your INTEL processor will run MOTA v8.0 is to visit the web page: and in the search box provided in the top right hand box, type in the model number of your CPU, eg I7-8750H.  

The Intel database may or may not identify your processor.  If the Intel database does recognise your processor model, you will be presented with a scrollable list of its properties once you click on the model number.  Go down to find the heading "Advanced Technologies", and look for the sub-heading "Instruction set extensions".   If supported, one or both of AVX and AVX2 will be listed here.

Once you have carried out the above, please advise IWT of the result.  We may be able to make a copy of MOTA for you if neither AVX nor AVX2 is supported by your processor, or perhaps if your processor does not appear in the Intel database.  We will definitely be able to make a copy of MOTA for you if either AVX or AVX2 is supported.

Another way of determining if your computer will support the AVX or AVX2 is to download from the web ( ), and download with the LIGHT GREEN (bottom) button on the left pane (Installer for Win32 and win64).  Install and run the utility hwinfo -  it might install as hwinfo32 or hwinfo64.  When you run it, you will see in the left hand window under "FEATURES" a list of CPU properties.  Those coloured green are supported by your CPU.  If either or both of AVX or AVX2 is coloured green, then you can run MOTA v8.0.  Please advise IWT of these properties, even if AVX2 and AVX are greyed out.  In the latter event, we might still be able to make a version of MOTA for you.

The cost of a new program package is $265.  Both include two USB's, one with the MOTA software and one is a USB hardlock dongle. Delivery by post to various destinations around the world varies in cost, so as a guide prices are $15 across Australia, $17 to New Zealand, $21 to the USA, Canada and most of Asia, $27 to the UK and Brazil.

You can order by telephone or email, and we accept most major credit cards or Paypal.

Regards from all of the MOTA team.

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