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Haynes Car Repair Manuals

A step by step guide through most mechanical repair and maintenance procedures which will include engine
brakes, suspension and steering system overhaul instructions,

With earlier models cars the manuals generally include overhaul instructions for the gearbox however most manuals for the later models cars  It is recommended that either an exchange transmission be acquired or that the overhaul be entrusted to a specialised workshop and only regular maintenance and the removal and replacement of the transmission are covered.

With the Haynes Manuals only the most popular model cars are covered if you are looking for a workshop manual  for a particular make of car and Haynes Manuals dont cover it PLEASE EMAIL US We may be able to help

The Haynes Manuals for British and many European cars,  are UK sourced manuals which describe right-hand-drive cars that similar to Australian  models, although possibly there could be in specification and engine availability.
For American cars or cars sold mainly in North America, the available manual would be  sourced from the USA, in this case the vehicle described will be left-hand-drive, although similar to the Australian model. The detail specification and engine availability mat vary between the US market cars and the Australian specifications.

Typical Contents of a Haynes Workshop Manual
        General Workshop Information & Practices
        Tune-Up Procedures & Routine Maintenance
        General Engine Overhaul
        Heating, Cooling & Air Conditioning Systems
        Fuel & Exhaust Systems
        Engine Electrical Systems
        Emissions & Engine Control Systems
        Manual Transmission Removal, Overhaul & Refitting*
        Automatic Transmission Removal, Refitting & Maintenance *
        Clutch & Driveline
        Brakes Suspension & Steering Systems
        Chassis Electrical Systems
        Wiring Diagrams

* PLEASE NOTE Many Haynes Manuals manuals cover Automatic and Manual gearbox servicing removal and installation, ONLY and not overhaul procedures.

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